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Welcome To Pioneer Legends

Where the Old Wild West meets the New...

Pioneer Legends represents the next frontier in the Web3 space, offering an immersive experience that harnesses the potential of crypto mining, diverse DeFi investments, and the transformative power of NFTs to bestow rewards upon its esteemed holders.

Owning a Pioneer Legends NFT grants you access to a realm where blockchain-generated revenue converges with real-world income streams, providing a comprehensive gamified experience. Our commitment to transparency and security ensures that participants in Pioneer Legends can engage with confidence, free from the anxieties associated with rug pulls and unreliable economic models.

Within this ecosystem, we present a limited collection of 3,000 NFTs, subdivided into three distinct classes, each offering its unique revenue generation pathway. These revenue streams have been meticulously developed, rigorously tested, and thoughtfully gamified to provide holders with an all-encompassing and immersive experience within the captivating world of Pioneer Legends.


Mint Price + Royalties

Let's just cut to the chase...

Presale: 6 ◎
Whitelist: 7 ◎
Public Raffle: 8 ◎
Total Collection: 3000 NFTs
Royalty: Starting at 10% and subsequentially reduced at 1% a month


Where our story begins...

The Gold Rush

“You’ll be pioneers,” they said, “legends whose legacies live on for all eternity…”

Town: New Kin

Region: Callobara Hills

Population: 3,000

The clue is in the name. It was a rush in every sense of the word. People flocked to the remote deserts of the Callobara Hills in droves, all seeking their fortune. It was euphoric, the thrill of the chase, the optimism and the hope that captivated us all. From the lowly miner all the way up to the prospectors and government officials. It was, in many ways, a great leveler - we were all here for the same reason, all excited and spurred by the same idea.

But reality has a way of pulling the rug out from underneath such lofty ideas, leaving them sputtering in the dust and the filth of a fresh cave-in wondering whether the ten or so miners who were ahead of you survived the rubble.

The town of New Kin sprang up like groundwater from this bubbling well of excitement. It was born from necessity, of course, the need to house and provide for the thousands of miners and their families, but over time it took on a life of its own. The only trouble with these hills being so rich in resources was their relative seclusion from the wider world, leaving the inhabitants of New Kin to fend for themselves.

There was a lawlessness to those early days. A delightful danger that saw high risk reap high rewards for those willing to indulge…


Pick your poison...


The brains to the Miners'brawn

They are a team of Government Officials tasked with overseeing the mining operations and general administration of New Kin. The boom of any developing industry or fast-growing enterprise requires a deft hand and a sharp mind in order to prevent things from going bust. That is where the Governors come in. They are the reason this harsh desert quickly became an efficient settlement, and it was their understanding of infrastructure that allowed things to evolve further, morphing into the now bustling town that it is. They are the tax man, the policing force, the overseers, the clerks, accountants, bankers, and merchants.

They earn their way through taxes and royalties, this is the price for upholding the peace.

Governors represent a distinctive and pivotal class within the Pioneer Legends ecosystem, entrusted with the oversight of royalties and the shaping of future expansions for our dynamic world. Their revenue stream is primarily derived from royalty taxes (S1) and their involvement in various administrative functions within this expansive world. It is important to note that royalty tax rates are designed to evolve in sync with the progression of the game, fluctuating as circumstances dictate.


A necessary byproduct of evolution.

Society grows great not with groupthink and compliance, but with the right amount of discord and alternative viewpoints. The early Outlaws that wriggled free from the woodwork foundations that were the scaffolding for what is now the town of New Kin, were once Miners themselves. Worker bees, well-programmed ants that followed suit and cohabited quietly with their colony. What they mutated into was a twist on the theme; still filled with that stout strength and sturdiness, they chose instead to fight for a bigger piece of the pie.

They earn their way through the decentralization of finance, stealing power from the Governors.

One illustration of the potential for such investments lies in facilitating cryptocurrency on-ramping. We have identified substantial demand in countries where cryptocurrency exchanges are not readily accessible. By aiding individuals in on-ramping and gaining access to cryptocurrencies, we have the potential to generate yields ranging from 10% to 15% on a monthly basis.


The lifeblood of this ecosystem.

Without him, there is no economy, no growth, no abundance, and no future. It is their plight to toil day by day in the stiflingly dark mineshafts, chipping away at the ancient rock and searching for their fortune. Only, what they find is not theirs. It is an honorable man that elects to slave away at such demanding physical labor and at the end of the working day, give up that which he has unearthed, handing over riches to the superiors in exchange for a modest salary, room, and board. They are the everyman. The heroes of the working class. Without their hard graft, their resilience, and their ability to stomach harsh conditions, the world would not have achieved half what it has so far.

They earn their way directly through labor, receiving a cut of the resources they mine.

Following the minting process, a significant portion of the project's mint fund, precisely 33%, will be earmarked for allocation to our established mining infrastructure. Prior to the inception of Pioneer Legends, Aion Ventures made a substantial investment of $1,500,000 USD towards our mining operation, dedicated to the extraction of BTC, LTC, and Dogecoin. The cryptocurrency assets mined, equivalent to the portion allocated in the mint fund, will undergo conversion into SOL tokens. These SOL tokens will then be distributed to our esteemed holders on a weekly basis through a systematic airdrop mechanism.

This strategic approach underscores our commitment to enhancing the value proposition for Pioneer Legends participants while ensuring a consistent flow of rewards, and creating sustainable and fruitful investment avenues.


Stake your claim...


Towering over the town of New Kin, the Airship floats brazenly across the river from where the Governors reign. Home to the Outlaws, the roustabouts and castaways, it is a sanctuary for all who live on the wrong side of the law. Their wealth is distributed throughout their ranks and relies on their ability to outsmart and undermine the centralized powers that be.

In order to receive your cut, you must stake your Outlaws in the Airship.

Town Hall

Centrepoint of the civilized world within the Callobara Hills, the Town Hall is the hub for all things proper. The Mayor, and his many Governors, have imbued this building with the might of their administrative and legal power. It stands testament to their perceived control over New Kin and its inhabitants, pulling in revenue via taxes levied and trade royalties earned.

In order to earn your salary, you must stake your Governors in the Town Hall.


This molehill which burrows down beneath the surrounding mountains is the homebase of the Miners. It is their workplace, their natural habitat, and where they work tirelessly each day in search of their fortune. Full of tunnels that stretch out like unfurling fingers, these brave souls dig through the dirt and the dark hoping to bring forth riches.

In order to claim your share, you must stake your Miners in the Mineshaft.


As Season One progresses, and the town of New Kin grows, new buildings will pop up.

Some of these will be temporary, their value/utility tied to their limited time availability, but others will be permanent fixtures within the expanding world. Here are two that will feature somewhere around the halfway point for Season One:


NFT holders will be able to take loans out on their NFT.

Interest rate will be a fixed fee with a 7 day duration.

Auction House

NFTs that defaulted and are bought back from the market will be raffled and auctioned here.

As we progress along further, additional Degen Universe NFTs will also be included in this.


The Heroes and Villains...

The Rarest PFPs

A total of 10 Legendary 1/1 NFTs will be part of the collection.

Each 1/1 will be granted 3x the reward versus regular NFTs.

All 10 NFTs are featured characters and part of the story/lore within the Pioneer Legend's Universe.

Details coming soon.

Futures Seasons

Every beginning must lead somewhere...

Season 1

The overarching objective of Season 1 is to establish the intricate backdrop and introduce the captivating characters within the world of Pioneer Legends. By accomplishing this, NFT holders can partake in the enticing rewards this universe has to offer, all while expanding their knowledge and contributing to the formation of a vibrant community that shares a common set of values.

Season 1.5

In this pivotal mid-season assessment, we have the opportunity to evaluate the ongoing growth of the project and the world of Pioneer Legends. Additionally, we introduce key features designed to enhance the experience of our dedicated community members. To that end, Season 1.5 sees the incorporation of two additional buildings as previously detailed in our Locations section.

Season 2

Season 2 will introduce a wealth of idle and gamified functionalities, further enriching the world of Pioneer Legends. What sets this project apart is the freedom it grants NFT holders—participation is not mandatory, allowing individuals to choose whether they wish to enhance their gaming experience. This dynamic approach underlines our commitment to providing options and flexibility to our valued participants.

Rewards Detail

How the sausage gets made...

Target Rate:

NFT aims at a 5-15% monthly based on mint funds.

Pioneer Legends will utilize the mint funds to provide a SOL airdrop to all stakers utilizing our three income streams listed below.


A total of $1.5 million has been strategically allocated to our private mining operations in collaboration with professional mining entities. This allocation encompasses over 300 specialized machines dedicated to the mining of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE). 33% of the proceeds from the mint fund will be allocated towards the equity of the operation and its reward shares.

The anticipated rate of return from our mining activities is to fall within a range of 3% to 8% on a monthly basis, contingent upon the prevailing token prices. Consequently, all mining rewards, equivalent to their SOL valuation, will be calculated and distributed during the weekly rewards airdrop. The mined tokens will be securely held and subsequently liquidated at the sole discretion of Pioneer Legends.

In our mission to address the persistent upward trajectory of NFT floor prices and to fortify the expansion of Pioneer Legends, a portion of the mining profits will be employed for compounding and furthering both Pioneer Legends and its reward payouts to its holders. This strategic approach underscores our commitment to enhancing value within the ecosystem while providing tangible benefits to our loyal participants.


Over the past seven months, Aion Ventures has diligently scrutinized and tested various DeFi income streams with the objective of generating a consistent yield, which we are excited to extend to our valued NFT holders. One illustration of this income stream is the facilitation of crypto on-ramping in regions where cryptocurrency accessibility is a daily challenge for users. Fees derived from P2P transfers and similar activities have demonstrated the potential to yield returns ranging from 10% to 15% on a monthly basis.

In alignment with our commitment to value generation, 33% of the mint funds will be directed towards fueling this operation and its associated rewards. Furthermore, a segment of this income stream will be earmarked for compounding, thereby reinforcing the overall vitality of our ecosystem and ensuring a brighter future for all participants.


33% of the mint funds will be allocated to facilitate the provision of liquidity for NFT loans across the entire collection. Any unutilized portions of these funds will serve as a treasury, earmarked for the ongoing improvement and expansion of the ecosystem.

In tandem with this commitment to growth, a share of the royalties derived from the Pioneer Legends collection will be distributed as airdrops to its dedicated holders. Simultaneously, the remaining royalties will be channeled into the continuous enhancement and expansion of the Pioneer Legends universe, encompassing tokens, mini-games, and various gamified elements designed to enrich the overall experience.


You're on your own, kid...

Investments are risky.

This is not a solicitation or advice to invest in a project.

All details mentioned are for entertainment purposes, they do not constitute financial advice.

Pioneer Legends NFTs hold no legal authority over the equity of the project.

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