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Welcome to Pioneer Legends!
Build your town and discover the world!

no download needed

“Like Farmville mixed with Foursquare. Only fun.”

LINSEY FRYATT, Venture Village

About Pioneer Legends

Pioneer Legends is special. It knows where you are through your web browser. Now you can go treasure hunting in the real world to find in-game treasures.

Distance and speed travelled in the real world allow you to participate in in-game quests and challenges to compete against your friends. To boost your in-game economy and production you benefit from real world resources such as woods, lakes, agriculture and urban environments.

Pioneer Legends is the first of its kind location-aware browser game.

Play Anytime & Anywhere

Great news! No need to download software or worry that you cannot play Pioneer Legends on your iOS device. Pioneer Legends happens 100% in the browser.

No matter if you play at home on your pc or your tablet or smartphone. In fact you can play the game on any HTML5 capable device.